What We Do

LONSIN Capital’s investment strategy is focused on niche opportunities in event-driven arbitrage strategies, including merger arbitrage, bankruptcy reorganizations and distressed credit, structured credit, recapitalisations, restructurings, and other corporate events.

Our Goals

The investment team’s goal is to provide above average returns over the long-term to investors, capital preservation and low correlation to the markets.

Our Knowledge

Our portfolio managers have been working together for over twenty years and have a unique knowledge of distressed markets, and where to look for opportunities in illiquid, distressed assets. The investment team has extensive expertise dealing with complex bankruptcies, evaluating distressed companies and tapping into a vast network of restructuring professionals.

The majority of LONSIN’s investments are not covered by the main stream of hedge fund providers, even those specialising in distressed markets and assets. This makes our fund unique and our knowledge unrivalled.